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Whenever two people fall in love, they want to belong to each other, or other get married. The most unfair thing is to come in between these people. It is not morally right to judge people according to their skin color. As it is always said, “love is blind” love comes regardless of anyone’s skin color.

However, the Americans have faced a very unfair law that is against interracial marriage in the past. Interracial dating was allowed interracial dating and marriage. In the year 1967, the U.S supreme court ruled against all laws that were anti-swirl marriage. Many interracial marriages have occurred over time since the ruling.

Racists obviously made the laws that were against interracial marriages. It is imperative to reduce or ultimately do away with racism because we are all equal to each other. Every human being has just the same qualities as the other. We all deserve to be treated with love and respect. It is regrettable to imagine that the most liberal country which is
the United States of America is still very discriminative against the non-whites.

Regardless of the color, language or religion, every single person is worthy. Every person is free to marry whoever they want. Racial marriages are something that reminds us that all people are equal. Sometimes interracial couple faces a lot of challenges especially the discrimination. This discrimination is not just faced by the people of color but also the white. People regard them as deviants. However, as a couple, you should not allow the differences come between your marriage or relationship. It is important also not to overlook the challenge in the name of love. Deal with them so that they do not come between your love.

The interracial couples that match each are worthy our love. The makeup of every person is not in their color, language, religion or sexual orientation but preferably in their character. When choosing a partner do not concentrate on their racial background but the character they portray. I know this is a cliché, but there are only two
types people in the world; the good and the bad people.

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